Tool AEStudio v3.0 hub

- uploaded files to hub
Released v3 as free, it was patreon-only until now
aestudio v3 update.jpg

changes in v3:
- fixed music volume slider
- removed some unnecessary audio files to make the scene load faster
- fixed PanelHolder subscene so that it can be reused by anyone
- added a bit of color to the panelholders in the scenes so that they're easier to indentify when minimized
- created the curved backdrop I always wanted in vam
- added a bit of environment around for atmosphere, has a bit of an oculus home feel to it now with a large room and a wall open. I think that works nicely for vr
- added glance targets around the studio to make the model look around using AcidBubbles's Glance plugin and button to turn it on and off
- added expression randomization using ClockwiseSilver's SilverExpressionTool and button to turn it on and off
- added "ball panels"™. I don't know wtf they are, they just felt right. You can drag the UI around and they look and work better than floating buttons. On desktop you can rotate them by pressing shift when dragging them. They're glued to the floor and can be rotated only on one axis to keep it clean

- remixed klphgz's poses and removed all morph changes to facial expressions, this allows expressions to be controlled by other plugins and add more variety
- reorganized and included the poses in the pack to make randomization simpler in the scene
- 1800+ poses included

- curated and added new patterns, 287 backdrops
- included rotated patterns in the pack too so that they work better with clothes, walls and other vam objects
- optimized the images for less memory to be taken and to load faster

- cleaned up some of the loops from V1 that were weird and annoying,
- added more chill loops and optimized the bigger ones, 52 loops now
- added a second speaker for a more surround sound. i have to add some reverb to it still to make it sound better, there's a trick I did once, you delay one speaker by a few ms, didn't get to do it now
- included some atmosphere sounds but didn't use them in the scene yet

- added the ball panels as a subscene so that they can be reused
- added a Button ON/OFF widget for stuff that can't be toggled in vam and requires two buttons and a switch between them (like expressions on/off in the scene)
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