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This started as a demo for AeternumTools but I ended up using it very often to take quick photos and videos for demo purposes so I added a few more stuff and made it as a general-use pose scene

- slider & random poses (>1000 poses by klphgz remixed and removed facial expresions)
- slider & random music (~50 loops but they're meh)
- slider & random bakground patterns (a few hundreds)
- quick move up/down & rotate the model
- a few glance targets added around for the model to look at

- QuickActions - something you can use to do sliders with start,end,next,previous & random functionality super quickly. Just edit the two plugins on the top right text atom of the widget. In the first plugin you have to set the start & end numbers (e.g.1-500, works with padding too like 001-500). In the second plugin you set a trigger to something that you want repeated in the slider, just one item,like "Load Pose_069" and set 069 in the plugin text box as the dynamic text. Then the slider will work for 500 poses automatically. I did another simpler example hereΔlî¢э.21233/
- Ball panels - i found them to be quite useful and a nice UI, you can move it around quickly and more naturally so I added those as subscene too if anyone wants to reuse them
- on/off buttons - subscene with two buttons red/green that toggle each other off. This allows doing quicker on/off UI

Depending on the model & the position, some poses might load the model with the feet lower than the floor causing collision errors and vam will automatically turn the person collision off. It's better to keep the model just above the floor, not pushed into it, to avoid stuff like that. When it happens you can just move the person a bit higher and re-enable the collision on the model


- load scene, select Person, load your look and press buttons to change the poses
- feel free to remix it, reuse it, do whatever you like with it!


- klphgz & Alter3go pose packs (and their dependencies added too) for the pose picker in the scene to work. You can use the subscene as standalone without dependencies.

Glance -
SilverExpressionTool -
Hand Animator -
Aeternum Tools Pack-


- klphgz - used and remixed his pose packs (removed expressions to allow expressions to be handled by other plugins). thanks for making and sharing so many awesome poses!
- Alter3go - used pose packs in v1
- MacGruber - thanks for making and sharing MacGruber_Utils, couldn't have done it without it, used in AETools3
- AcidBubbles - Glance 20 plugin used for the model to randomly look around, used in v2
- ClockwiseSilver - SilverExpressionTool7 used to randomize expressions, used in v2
- VRAdultFun - Hand Animator used to add random movement to the hands, used in v2
- photos & music - All CC0 (,
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This is one of best scene I met!
This is a total game changer for both working on looks and doing quick photoshoots. Thank you!
❤ thank you! I'm happy that it's useful
Now that is a really nice Idea. VAM is really missing a nice default stage to easily showcase looks an clothing. This could be it. Thanks for creating and sharing. you the man!
Great scene, thank you for making this free.
Your latest version is very good, lots of poses and music. The standing, and crouching mostly posed on the same spot, very good. I need to add the Yoga poses. Then I am set.
thank you! i'll check the yoga poses too
Fuck yea! Really awesome work here! Love your creativity it's very inspiring. Thank you for making and sharing
thank you very much!
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