3 scenes from one - Hypnotic minipack

Paid Scenes 3 scenes from one - Hypnotic minipack 2021-06-10

Ok wtf is going on here ? There is just one actual mocap in this pack. The dance one is the original. The sex scenes are derived from the dance scene using some vAM magic and a bit of ReignMocap touch. :) Also the scenes come with the usual elf girl Virani. The models in the videos are just for show.

VERY SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT: When you load the sex scenes go to plugins in the female menu and activate the ''silver circler'' plugin. Select the female model and then select chest in both sections. Play around with the values. You will also need to do this every time you load a model. For some reason the plugin deactivates itself every time you load a model. Do not forget to activate it or you will miss out.

Another piece of advice coming from one of my patreons. In the sex scenes while you poses the dude, place a mirror behind a girl so you can see the ass. In the words of this dude that said it ''It is glorious''.
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Very nice expressions in the animations. Great job!
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