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22+ M-F Naughty Time Pose Presets

Poses 22+ M-F Naughty Time Pose Presets

3 Main Folders: Duo Male Female
Session 1 Count: Duo (x12) Male (x2) Female (x8)
Poses compatible with my Everyday Pose Presets to Sex Pose Presets

Various Subfolders
Subfolders will branch 1 or more times before arriving at any Poses.

Example: Male ---> Couch ---> Undress ---> Undies Off 02 pose
Preset_Undies Off 02 (Him).jpg

Example: Female ---> Walk ---> Sexy ---> Arms Up 01 pose
Preset_Arms Up 01.jpg

Duo Pose Example: Duo ---> Couch ---> Kissing ---> Kiss 02 (Him) pose
Preset_Kiss 02 (Him).jpg

Duo Pose Example: Duo ---> Couch ---> Tease ---> Tease 01 (Her) pose
Preset_Tease 01 (Her).jpg

The Duo Pose Presets are designed for both atoms to share the same X-Y-Z coordinates and to occasionally work with size appropriate props.

Not a 'one size fits all' set of poses
You may need to make adjustments based on the height and shape of your characters and/or props.

Best to turn off Collisions for one of the two atoms, move to exact same location and load related Pose Preset then turn Collisions back on.

If you're new or unfamiliar with how to move two atoms around at same time from there:
1) Set one of the two characters to Parent to the other.
2) Turn off Physics then Collisions for both.
3) Select the parent character and move both to new coordinates.
4) Activate your Pose Presets for Male & Female.
5) Re-enable Collisions then Physics for both characters,
6) May have to reload Pose Presets or make minor adjustments based on character heights and/or props.

Reference for TIMELINE users:
Alway Present
>Arms (rotation)

Frequently Present

Infrequently Present

Like my "Everyday Pose Presets", this will hopefully get updated from time to time with these "foreplay", "teasing", "kissing" and "undressing" related poses.
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excellent pose !!! Thanks VikLamant for sharing.
Thanks. It's a start. Hopefully some will find something useful. Hoping to add more soon. Thanks for the review.
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