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138 Everyday Pose Presets

Poses 138 Everyday Pose Presets

What's New in Ver 4?

So, biggest change is that I decided to clothe the M & F to match the theme of "Everyday"... figuring they shouldn't be in underwear until "Naughty Time".
Other change is that I streamlined what I planned to be "conversation" poses with feet in same place to have the feet... well... be in the same place better (thanks Timeline).

Feminine = +8

Feminine has 3 subfolders in Stand/Chat called "Casual", "Confront" & "Informal" that contain new versions of the old Stand/"Idle" and "Talk" that are just compiled into actual sets instead of relying on background color. Added 4 new Pose Presets for "Confront".

New Subfolders for Feminine/Props/Remote Control/Sit/ ---> (High) & (Couch). 4 new Pose Presets for Sit/High (basically leaning on higher furniture). Nothing new in Couch subfolder except that I did fix it so that the Atom did not have to be turned 180 on the Up/Down pose (that took some time).

May have added another Pose Preset somewhere because I took one Pose Preset out for an upcoming Pose Preset pack. The new count added up to 70, so I must have. Just not sure where.

Masculine = +6

Masculine only has one Stand/Chat folder currently called "Reason" which contains the old Stand/"Idle" and "Talk" plus I added 3 new Pose Presets to the Set

Masculine gets 2 new Pose Presets for Props/Phone/Stand ---> Chat 01 and 02

Masculine also gets 1 new Pose Presets for Props/Video Cam/Stand ---> Record 02

This takes Masculine up to 68... 2 shy of Feminine... so now she's in the lead.
As updated on the main page, I have created a Props Primary Subfolder after Masculine/Feminine.
Props Poses have 2 Subfolders as before.

Non-Props Poses have been reduced to 1 Subfolder

Also have renamed and moved previous "Listen" Poses to "Idle" Poses under the Stand Primary Subfolder
Whether Standing, Walking, Sitting, or whatever... Poses will be either "Talk" or "Idle" as it relates to conversations.

Of course, you can make your characters "Talk" while "Idle" on your end... "Talk" just means a hand or hands are not relaxed as in "Idle" state.

Anyways, eager to get this formatting fixed as fast as I could and wanted to finish up the Feminine "Talk" and "Idles" I originally planned but overwrote this Idle pose with her arms crossed... which is not exactly an easy pose to get right.

Preset_Idle 08.jpg

Seriously... probably going to be at least 3+ days before I get back to an update for this so enjoy!
What's New?

NOTE: Thighs may now be ON for some poses

Feminine = +29
>3x Walk - Basic - Action
>1x Walk - Basic - Talk
>2x Stand - Action - Turned
>5x Stand - Remote - Listen (remote control in hand)
>3x Stand - Talk - Talk
>3x Stand - Talk - Listen
>7x Sit - Chair - Desk
>5x Sit - Couch - Remote (remote control in hand)

Preset_Turn 02.jpg

Masculine = +29
>1x Stand - Video - Record
>10x Walk - Video - Record
>1x Kneel - Video - Record
>1x Sit - Chair - Record
>16x Stand - Action - Undress

Preset_Dress Shirt 01.jpg

FIXED ----> Masculine: Missing Walk/Basic/Basic/Basic Walk 04 <---- (I forgot to add "Preset" tag prefix when renaming
FIXED ----> Feminine: Proper labeling of Walk/Basic/Basic
This VAR is replacing the Walk Cycle Pose Presets.
The old presets are still included in this new format under Masculine - Walk - Basic

The first batch includes:
Masculine Pose Presets: x33 <--- includes the 4 Basic Walk Cycle Poses
Feminine Pose Presets: x27
Total Pose Presets: x60
By request - I threw this scene together real quick demonstrating the 4 Walk-Cycle Pose Presets with basic Atom-> Person.

1) Seems the height difference between my model and basic does cause more of a jarring hip action in the walk.
2) Had to elevate to .60 off ground so toes would not drag.
3) Had to slow down animation to have the model walk as designed.

Notes on Timeline animation:
1) Added (control) as animatable target after loading all the Walk-Cycle Pose Presets - then set it to Linear instead of Smooth.
2) The format is if target goes .800 per cycle (when last frame is same as first) then the control also moves .800. So, there are 6 Walk Cycles demonstrated here - therefore the difference in control location from start to finish is 4.800 (6 cycles x .800 distance per cycle).

I imagine creating a perfect Walk Cycle that works for every Atom is likely near impossible. I guess what I'm hoping this does for people is allow you to load the initial 4, make your modifications then copy/paste for the remainder of the animation.

EDIT -> My apologies for not having demonstration video. I don't know if I'll be uploading much content to warrant me starting up a fresh account somewhere to post videos.


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