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138 Everyday Pose Presets

Poses 138 Everyday Pose Presets

2 Main Folders: Masculine and Feminine
Version 4 Count: Masculine (x68) + Feminine (x70)
Note that either category should work for Male or Female

Currently 4 Primary Subfolders
Props / Stand / Sit / Walk

Various Subfolders
Subfolders will branch 2-3 more times before arriving at any Poses.

Example: Masculine ---> Stand ---> Chat ---> Reason ---> Idle 02 pose
Preset_Idle 02.jpg

Example: Feminine ---> Stand ---> Undress ---> Shirt Off 04 pose
Preset_Shirt Off 04.jpg

3 Subfolder Example: Masculine ---> Props ---> Video Cam ---> Stand ---> Record 01 pose
Preset_Record 01.jpg

3 Subfolder Example: Feminine ---> Props ---> Remote Control ---> Stand ---> Set 2 ---> Click 01 pose
Preset_Click 01.jpg

Note: Thematic Sets for the most part mean that those Pose Presets were designed to have the feet in same X-Y-Z and shouldn't require animating the Control of a character unless Walk is used to keep the feet in place. No promises though.

Reference for TIMELINE users:
Alway Present

Frequently Present

Infrequently Present

There will be a few Interact poses (meaning between Male and Female).
Like my M-F Sex Pose Presets, they will share the same X-Y-Z Position and Rotation on the grid.

Watch for Collisions when combining those!

The Motive
The primary reason for this package is to have a series of poses that *can / should* blend well together for Timeline and VAMStory users.

Example: I feel there's so many good Standing poses out there yet the feet locations typically change from pose to pose, making them not real ideal for use with Timeline without a bit of editing.

Another reason is because a lot of the body parts to me are unnecessarily set to ON.

Example: I find most animations I create don't need the shoulder or elbow ON to get good results. For the most part the Arm Rotation + Hand Position & Rotation will do.

That being said, those familiar with my M-F Sex Pose Preset package will find more of the same here, but less complicated.

I expect to update this quite frequently with no idea how many hundreds or thousands of Pose Presets will be present.

I already accidently overwrote one of my complicated Feminine: Stand / Idle poses, hence why I'll likely build a package every 50 or so Pose Presets completed.

You may find a good chunk of the Poses within to be totally useless for you, but hopefully there will be something you like within the contents.
Total Size
2.82 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 6 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Further Subfolder Restructure, Fixing of Existing Poses, New Icons + Few New Poses for M & F

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  2. Reformatted for Simplicity +6 Female Stand Poses

    As updated on the main page, I have created a Props Primary Subfolder after Masculine/Feminine...
  3. Another 58 Pose Presets that quick!

    What's New? NOTE: Thighs may now be ON for some poses Feminine = +29 >3x Walk - Basic - Action...

Latest reviews

You have certainly put in the hours; very nicely organised. Thank you.
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Thanks for doing this long overdue great wotk
Glad that it's appreciated. It's a bit of work, even if not perfect. Thanks for the review as well.
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Excellent !!
Thanks for the review. Glad ya like it.
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Wonderful, especially the female undressing poses. How long have I waited for this... TOP!
Thanks for the review. Glad you like that series of poses.
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Awesome pack hopefully see some smoking/dinking poses to come
Likely drinking / eating. If smoking, that'll be way down the line.
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This is very helpful. Thankyou.
Thanks for the review. Glad you found it helpful.
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Very nice Idea. Thanks for creating this and even better for including an example scene. Great Job!
You're quite welcome and thanks for the review.
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