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    Paid Scenes Idle&Dances pack for AcidBubbles's ''Glance''

    thanks for the feedback. Just because I wait for the free version doesn't mean I don't care about the hard work. Acid's work is much appreciated and I have a monthly patreon bill of approx. 40$ (VAM only creators, incl. you) .. i would love to support more creators, but since it is a monthly...
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    Paid Scenes Idle&Dances pack for AcidBubbles's ''Glance''

    @ReignMocap "Glance" ist still a paid Early-Access Plugin ... looks like a cross-sale promo ;) .. I hope you will update your scene with the free Plugin after it left the early-access paywall
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    Scenes CP Sex 2

    nice scene but I am missing the stripclub privè.assetbundle ... and the reddit link you have in your description is leading to a removed post. Is it possible the you provide us the asset? Thanks!
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    Plugins Keyboard Shortcuts

    Thanks for the feedback. The last entry in the lfe_keyboardshortcuts.json was the issue .. here it is: "Atom > InvisibleLight > ShowUI > Animation" : { "enabled" : "True", "chord" : "Mouse X" } That makes the mouse movement select the atom "InvisibleLight" ... since that is the...
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    Issue with Realtime Lip-sync Plugin

    I have the same issue using the Realtime Lipsync Plugin from AdamAnt5 (
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