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    Answered Textures disappear when I import my own clothing from DAZ3D. Any help?

    The problem is you are using "Base Color" to hold the texture in Daz Studio which is not recognized by the VaM Daz importer. Instead of using the PBR materials switch to using Uber or Iray material setup. Then use Diffuse Color and assign the map there. The other option is to just go in a copy...
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    Answered User preferences for clothing/hairstyle tags safe from VaM update?

    They should still work if the update didn't change the item store folder and store name. The prefs files are stored in a local file at Custom/Hair/(Female|Male)/<creator>/<folder>/<item>.prefs
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    Answered VaM 1.20 to 2.0 compatibility

    Unfortunately there will be almost no compatibility between 1.X and 2.X. 2.X will be based on DAZ Genesis 8 as a starting point (1.X is Genesis 2), and the rig (joints) and skin mesh/UV/textures are all different. In addition Genesis 2 clothing won't generally fit Genesis 8 figures due to...
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    Answered Where do the AUTO morphs come from?

    These come from saving a scene or preset when a "Transient" morph is in use. Upon save, the transient morph is copied into the AUTO directory so it can be properly found upon loading that scene or preset. What is a "Transient" morph? This is a morph that is saved in a directory relative to the...
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    Answered Soft shadows material inside VaM

    The difference you are seeing is because of the difference in shaders. VaM uses a custom subsurface shader based on highly modified and optimized Marmoset shader, and actually adds NGSS on top for soft shadows. If you import an asset from Unity on CustomUnityAsset, it is using the standard...
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    Answered Creating advanced custom asset

    Good news! User-created atoms with same load performance as native atoms and proper shaders is coming in 2.X. There will also be an all-new atom browser with tags/search/etc. It might be possible for someone to create a plugin that allows extending the atoms list in 1.X, but it would probably...
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    Answered How many Vive trackers VaM can use?

    VaM 1.X supports 8 trackers, but they must have specific roles. Valve more recently added Elbow and Knee roles which VaM does not currently recognize. Use any of the following roles: Left Foot Right Foot Left Shoulder Right Shoulder Waist Chest Camera Keyboard I cannot add the new roles...
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    Answered Does the Random Media From General only pull from General Media?

    Well I have it fixed now. Users not logged in will see "Random Media From General". Users logged in will see "Random Media" and it will obey their preferences for what is shown. I don't have a way to assign resources to Futa/LGBT+ without making a ton of new categories just for that, so...
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