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    Cloths Advice

    I finally broke down and pulled Marvelous Designer down and have been playing with different ideas. Outside of normal cloths I am trying to create a couple generic skin tight cloths, (with sim off), that I can apply alpha masks to for real time writing and such. My normal cloths seem to come out...
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    Can we get a pay look content creator review sticky please?

    Same as you guys. I decided to learn Unity, Blender, and DAZ and dusted off my rusty scripting skills almost immediately after some of these experiences. Now there are a few creators I do support but that is primarily for plugins, cloths, and scenes from creators that I learn something from...
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    Assets Lotus Hotel Room1

    DarkFantasy submitted a new resource: Lotus Hotel Room1 - Hotel Room Read more about this resource...
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    Assets Lotus Hotel Room1 1

    This is a converted hotel room asset from Sketchfab. The only changes made were to remove the company logo on the wall, changed the carpet pattern, and added the blue to the pillows. Credit and original asset: "Hotel Room Edge Carpets Lotus Wave Grey" ( by Aaron Openshaw...
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    VAM need AR for Quest2!

    Its kind of cheesy but there is a trick to kind of achieving that. If you set it to 120 FPS with a stationary boundary you can step to the edge or lean back near the boundary. This puts what VAM is rendering in the middle surrounded by wherever you are. I have considered doing a scene or two...
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    Question Switching Pose Presets using AcidBubble's Timeline plugin

    For the most part they are more than sufficient. That one addition was huge! I use the standard pose presets in VAM when the actors are moving from one area of the room to another. If they turn frequently the limbs get messed up, also, if they are close together and one has to pass through the...
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    Question Switching Pose Presets using AcidBubble's Timeline plugin

    I always use (A) Stop Animation (B) apply pose preset (C) Apply clothing preset if necessary (D) Start Timeline For (B): - I still use Pose Preset for buttons or the start of a new section or act sometimes as I find the actors tangle up just using the Timeline pose. I try it without the pose...
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    Long continuous scenes that require little to no input

    lol, dont look to me for any wisdom! I often warn people that following my advice or following me will probably end up with unexpected excitement, lots of rules being broken and the wrong things being done on purpose just to see why or add more challenge, a few adventures, and probably wont land...
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    Long continuous scenes that require little to no input

    That is a really good idea I had not considered! That would also significantly reduce the clutter and complexity in Timeline and the need for a second Timeline in some cases.
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    Long continuous scenes that require little to no input

    TLDR: Adding transitions adds a lot of complexity and scene development time; Acid Bubbles and Macgruber have made this a lot easier with their plugins this year (and Acid Bubbles recent adds to Timeline); because of this you might see more of what you are asking in the future (still a steep...
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    Benchmark Result Discussion

    This is really sweet! I am heading out for a week but have been playing with it as I have time in Desktop mode with different things enabled and disabled. Its interesting how much the AV+Mega+VPN impact FPS. Here are two tests in Desktop mode, (running on a mounted and encrypted drive on an 3d...
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    Scenes Hotel Play - Bondage

    DarkFantasy submitted a new resource: Hotel Play - Bondage - Mary has an eventful night! Read more about this resource...
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    Scenes Hotel Play - Bondage 1

    ** If you do not like bondage and sex then this is not for you!! ;) Mary is on vacation in Las Vegas and receives a message from her master. One of his fellow masters, you, (whom she previously met after Nick took ownership of her), is also in town and would like to play. The message includes...
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    Reload Plugin

    Is there anything he doesn't do or have covered?! :LOL:
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    Reload Plugin

    Is there a way to reload a plugin using a trigger or something else?
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